The first breast augmentation

The girl has breast augmentation for the first time

Much has been said about breast augmentation. But so far, this topic remains shrouded in myth.

However, modern representatives of the fair sex have nothing to worry about, as the surgical transformation of the bust is completely safe and has a long history. Judge for yourself. The first breast augmentation with implants was performed by an American plastic surgeon in 1962. During this time, specialists were able to study in detail the body's interaction with endoprostheses and select safe and accurate anatomical implants.

Who is recommended

Magnifying mammoplasty is shown to anyone who is unhappy with its shape. The reasons that make a girl think about breast augmentation are completely different:

  • The natural structure of the figure;
  • Ptosis caused by age-related changes, a sharp change in weight or the birth of a child;
  • Asymmetry;
  • tubularity;
  • Reduction mammoplasty.

Before the intervention

If you are thinking seriously about the perfection of your body, it is worth visiting a surgeon consultation.

During the consultation, the doctor will listen to the patient, perform an examination, and recommend the most appropriate way to improve the appearance. You can try the volume you like using 3D modeling or size - special clothing in bras.

Many people worry that the first breast augmentation surgery will force them to regularly perform corrective interventions to replenish volume or replace the endoprosthesis. Similar fears occurred several decades ago, when the composition of implants did not allow them to withstand prolonged loads. Modern endoprostheses are absolutely safe, have a lifetime warranty and do not require mandatory replacement.

Most girls are also concerned about the effect of implants on lactation. If you are planning a future pregnancy, the specialist will suggest mammoplasty methods that allow you to maintain the possibility of lactation.


The main areas of augmentation correction are arthroplasty and lipophilization.

In the first case, implants are installed. Surgical access can be done in the classical manner through an incision in the inframameric fold or around the areola, or using an endoscope through the armpit. The latter method is distinguished by the absence of visible sutures and a shortened rehabilitation period.

During lipophilization, through small punctures, the patient's own fat and stem cells, removed from the problem areas and previously cleansed, enter the soft tissues. Manipulation leaves no trace and allows you to improve the neck by size 1-1, 5.

By turning to long-experienced plastic surgeons, you can be sure that changes in appearance will satisfy you for many years to come.